Wednesday, March 12, 2008

One Last Gathering

There was one last gathering at Makakilo Rec Center before all the older kids went back to school from Christmas break. There was a really good turn out this day and everyone had so much fun. We got to hang out and talk for a good two hours while all the kids kept busy.
Kayla Nadig showing her attitude..."down the slide, not up Kayla."
Little Herbie Franco looking as cute as can be.
Newbie and Amy Cook with Amber Standage and Taryn in the background
This was the bus they created. Haley was the driver and all the little ones were seated waiting to get off at their stop. The following few pictures shows each one getting off the bus at their stops. It was a really cute game and all the little ones just loved it.
"Here Kayla, let me help you off."
Taryn says, "Can't we get steps like all the other buses I ride?"
"Herbie, I told you it's your stop, now get off."
Keeley and Kayla enjoying a push.
"OOOHHH that had to hurt bro."
"Glad it wasn't me that fell off that ladder."
"Why are you always taking pictures of me?" says Naylia Sessions.
"Seriously, I am a stud."
Big brother Diamond taking a water break.
All the kids at one point climbed onto the jungle gym. They were screaming out in succession, "No boys allowed, no girls allowed." It was hillarious and it went on for about ten minutes. The girls said the boys couldn't come in and the boys said the girls couldn't come in. Nobody won, so they eventually gave up.